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MEU-Mobile KSD Data Set
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Abstract: This dataset contains keystroke dynamics data collected on a touch mobile device (Nexus 7). The dataset contains 2856 records, 51 records per subject for 56 subjects.

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Ms. Noor Al-Obaidi, noor_mahmood_2012 '@', Middle East University, Faculty of Information Technology, Amman, Jordan.

Data Set Information:

The dataset is used in the evaluation of EER, FRR and FAR metrics using a new anomaly detector model (Med-Min-Diff). The typed text in the experiment is the password '.tie5Roanl'.

Attribute Information:

The measured features (attributes) are Hold (H), Up-Down (UD), Down-Down (DD), Pressure (P), Finger-Area (A), Averages of Hold (AH), Pressure (AP) and Finger Area (AFA). There are 71 features because each feature has a set of feature elements corresponding to the typed characters.

Relevant Papers:

1. Master thesis from Middle East University in Jordan, May 2016 (A New Statistical Anomaly Detector Model for Keystroke Dynamics on Touch Mobile Devices)>
2. Paper: 'Statistical Median-Based Classifier Model for Keystroke Dynamics on Mobile Devices', Sixth International Conference on Digital Information Processing and Communications (ICDIPC), April 2016.

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