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Contraceptive Method Choice Data Set

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Earl Harris Jr. Information Gain Versus Gain Ratio: A Study of Split Method Biases. The MITRE Corporation/Washington C. 2001.

method choiceproblem. attribute information gain 0 0.045 1 0.044 2 0.018 3 0.113 4 0.004 5 0.001 6 0.006 7 0.018 8 0.015 Table 2: Information gain scores for the contraceptive method choice data set (Does the woman use contraception?) Machine Learning Repository.[1] This data set, which Tjen-Sien Lim created, is a subset of the 1987 National Indonesia Contraceptive Prevalence Survey. Example

Soumya Ray and David Page. Generalized Skewing for Functions with Continuous and Nominal Attributes. Department of Computer Sciences and Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, University of Wis.

1500 1000 500 Accuracy (%) Training Sample Size Gain/Generalized Skewing Gain Figure 11. Hard Nominal Targets, 100-v examples that a subfunction in the target (or the target itself) may be hard. The datasets we use are: Contraceptive Method Choice (CMC), German Credit (German), Cleveland Heart Disease (Heart), voting-records (Voting), pima-indians-diabetes (Diabetes), breast-cancerwisconsin (BCW),

Jos'e L. Balc'azar. Rules with Bounded Negations and the Coverage Inference Scheme. Dept. LSI, UPC.

a car labelled ``acceptable'' for five or more persons must not have low safety. Both rules hold at a low support close to the threshold but very high confidence. The Contraceptive Method Choice dataset [[LLS]] has 1473 instances with 10 attributes each, one of them being the class. The data comes from a national survey in Indonesia, and consists of sociodemographical and personal information about

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