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EEG Database Data Set

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Peter Sykacek and Stephen J. Roberts. Adaptive Classification by Variational Kalman Filtering. NIPS. 2002.

size 9 # # , because this is a good compromise between fast tracking and high stationary accuracy. We are now ready to compare the algorithm with an equivalent static classifier using several public data sets and classification of single trial EEG which, due to learning effects in humans, is known to be non-stationary. In order to avoid that the model has an influence on 1 This data set can be obtained

Stephen D. Bay and Dennis F. Kibler and Michael J. Pazzani and Padhraic Smyth. The UCI KDD Archive of Large Data Sets for Data Mining Research and Experimentation. SIGKDD Explorations, 2. 2000.

dealing with four different topic areas (music bands, bio-medical, goats, and sheep). Time series and Sequence data which consists of a consecutively ordered set of observations, such as the EEG data set in the archive. Time series measure changes in the value of a continuous variable such as stock prices or economic indicators whereas sequence data records an ordered set of categorical variables

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