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16 Data Sets

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1. Chess (Domain Theories): 6 different domain theories for generating legal moves of chess

2. Logic Theorist: All code for Logic Theorist

3. Mobile Robots: Learning concepts from sensor data of a mobile robot; set of data sets

4. Othello Domain Theory: Used in research to generate features for an inductive learning system

5. Prodigy: Assorted domains like blocksworld, eightpuzzle, and schedworld.

6. Qualitative Structure Activity Relationships: Two sets of datasets are given: pyrimidines and triazines

7. Economic Sanctions: Domain Theory on Economic Sanctions; Undocumented

8. Japanese Credit Screening: Includes domain theory (generated by talking to Japanese domain experts); data in Lisp

9. Moral Reasoner: Horn-clause model that qualitatively simulates moral reasoning; Theory includes negated literals

10. USPTO Algorithm Challenge, run by NASA-Harvard Tournament Lab and TopCoder Problem: Pat: Data used for USPTO Algorithm Competition. Contains drawing pages from US patents with manually labeled figure and part labels.

11. Student Loan Relational: Student Loan Relational Domain

12. Amazon Commerce reviews set: The dataset is used for authorship identification in online Writeprint which is a new research field of pattern recognition.

13. SMS Spam Collection: The SMS Spam Collection is a public set of SMS labeled messages that have been collected for mobile phone spam research.

14. Thyroid Disease: 10 separate databases from Garavan Institute

15. Relative location of CT slices on axial axis: The dataset consists of 384 features extracted from CT images. The class variable is numeric and denotes the relative location of the CT slice on the axial axis of the human body.

16. Taxi Service Trajectory - Prediction Challenge, ECML PKDD 2015: An accurate dataset describing trajectories performed by all the 442 taxis running in the city of Porto, in Portugal.

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