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10 Data Sets

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1. Bach Chorales: Time-series data based on chorales; challenge is to learn generative grammar; data in Lisp

2. Diabetes: This diabetes dataset is from AIM '94

3. Thyroid Disease: 10 separate databases from Garavan Institute

4. Heart Disease: 4 databases: Cleveland, Hungary, Switzerland, and the VA Long Beach

5. University: Data in original (LISP-readable) form

6. Labor Relations: From Collective Bargaining Review

7. Mechanical Analysis: Fault diagnosis problem of electromechanical devices; also PUMPS DATA SET is newer version with domain theory and results

8. Japanese Credit Screening: Includes domain theory (generated by talking to Japanese domain experts); data in Lisp

9. Artificial Characters: Dataset artificially generated by using first order theory which describes structure of ten capital letters of English alphabet

10. Mobile Robots: Learning concepts from sensor data of a mobile robot; set of data sets

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