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Kain Tradisional Sambas Data Set
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Abstract: This data set consist of 5 patterns of Kain Tradisional Sambas's features from CFS (Correlation-Based Feature Selection) method which are Angular Second Moment, Contrast, and Correlation

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Classification, Clustering

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Alda Cendekia Siregar, alda.siregar '@', Department of Informatics, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Muhammadiyah, Pontianak, Indonesia

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This data set consist of 5 patterns of Kain Tradisional Sambas. The patterns are bunga kangkung, bunga tabur, rantai, zigzag, and sapar peranggi. Each pattern contains 30 instances which mean the total count are 150 instances. Image acquisition conducted by digital camera. Each pattern were photographed 30 times continously with fix position and good illumination. This data sets is developed by several steps which are image acquisition, preprocessing to reduce image noise, feature extraction to obtain image features, and feature selection. GLCM is implemented as feature extraction method. Feature extraction result will be used in feature selection process using CFS (Correlation based Feature Selection) methods. Selected features from CFS process are Angular Second Moment, Contrast, and Correlation.

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Siregar, Alda Cendekia, and Barry Ceasar Octariadi. “Classification of Sambas Traditional Fabric ‘Kain Lunggi’ Using Texture Feature.” IJCCS (Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics Systems), 2019, [Web Link].

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