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NSF Research Award Abstracts 1990-2003 Data Set
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Abstract: This data set consists of (a) 129,000 abstracts describing NSF awards for basic research, (b) bag-of-word data files extracted from the abstracts, (c) a list of words used for indexing the bag-of-word

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Original Owner and Donor

Abstracts provided by:

Michael J. Pazzani
ICS Department, School of Computer Science, UCI, Irvine CA, 92697, USA
pazzani '@'

Bag-of-word data provided by:

Amnon Meyers
ICS Department, School of Computer Science, UCI, Irvine CA, 92697, USA
ameyers '@'

Data Set Information:

The abstracts, one per file, were furnished by the NSF (National Science Foundation). A sample abstract is shown in the next section.

The bag-of-word data was produced by automatically processing the abstracts with a text analyzer called NSFAbst, built using VisualText. While most fields of the output are very accurate, the authors were not extracted from the Investigator: field with 100% accuracy, due to wide variability in that field.

The word list came from a separate process, and may not include all the words of interest in the abstracts.

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