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Roman Urdu Sentiment Analysis Dataset (RUSAD) Data Set
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Abstract: The dataset was gathered to carry out research on the task of sentiment analysis for Roman Urdu.

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Khawar Mehmood (k.mehmood '@', Daryl Essam (d.essam '@', Muhammad Kamran Malik (kamran.malik '@'

Data Set Information:

The dataset has two columns. The first column has the binary categorical information (positive, negative) and the second column has the actual review.

Attribute Information:

There are two attributes of this dataset. The first attribute holds the binary categorical information (positive, negative) while the second attribute holds the actual review.

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Citation Request:

To view, download and use this dataset, please Cite the following papers (related to the dataset) in your research.

(1) Mehmood, Khawar, Daryl Essam, and Kamran Shafi. 'Sentiment analysis system for roman Urdu.' In Science and Information Conference, pp. 29-42. Springer, Cham, 2018.
(2) Mehmood, Khawar, Daryl Essam, Kamran Shafi, and Muhammad Kamran Malik. 'Sentiment Analysis for a Resource Poor Language—Roman Urdu.' ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language
Information Processing (TALLIP) 19, no. 1 (2019): 10.
(3) Mehmood, Khawar, Daryl Essam, Kamran Shafi, and Muhammad Kamran Malik. 'Discriminative Feature Spamming Technique for Roman Urdu Sentiment Analysis.' IEEE Access 7 (2019): 47991-48002.
(4) Mehmood, Khawar, Daryl Essam, Kamran Shafi, and Muhammad Kamran Malik. 'An unsupervised lexical normalization for Roman Hindi and Urdu sentiment analysis.' Information Processing & Management
(2020): 102368.

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