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CMU Face Images Data Set

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Xiaofeng He and Partha Niyogi. Locality Preserving Projections. NIPS. 2003.

Images Much research [5][6][7] has suggested that the human face images reside on a manifold embedded in the image space. In this subsection, we applied LPP to images of faces. The same face image dataset used in [5] is used for this experiment. Fig. 2 shows the mapping results. The images of faces are mapped into the 2-dimensional plane described by the first two coordinates of the Locality

Marina Meila and Michael I. Jordan. Learning with Mixtures of Trees. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 1. 2000.

For the third density estimation experiment, we used a subset of 576 images from the normalized face images dataset of [43]. These images were downsampled to 48 variables (pixels) and 5 gray levels. We divided the data randomly into N train = 500 and N test = 76 examples; of the 500 training examples, 50 were

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