Thyroid Disease

Donated on 12/31/1986

10 separate databases from Garavan Institute

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Multivariate, Domain-Theory

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Health and Medicine

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Categorical, Real

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# From Garavan Institute # Documentation: as given by Ross Quinlan # 6 databases from the Garavan Institute in Sydney, Australia # Approximately the following for each database: ** 2800 training (data) instances and 972 test instances ** Plenty of missing data ** 29 or so attributes, either Boolean or continuously-valued # 2 additional databases, also from Ross Quinlan, are also here ** and ** Quinlan believes that these databases have been corrupted ** Their format is highly similar to the other databases # 1 more database of 9172 instances that cover 20 classes, and a related domain theory # Another thyroid database from Stefan Aeberhard ** 3 classes, 215 instances, 5 attributes ** No missing values # A Thyroid database suited for training ANNs ** 3 classes ** 3772 training instances, 3428 testing instances ** Includes cost data (donated by Peter Turney)

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Papers Citing this Dataset

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