Localization Data for Person Activity

Donated on 11/2/2010

Data contains recordings of five people performing different activities. Each person wore four sensors (tags) while performing the same scenario five times.

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Univariate, Sequential, Time-Series

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Health and Medicine

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People used for recording of the data were wearing four tags (ankle left, ankle right, belt and chest). Each instance is a localization data for one of the tags. The tag can be identified by one of the attributes.

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Variable Information

Instance example: A01,020-000-033-111,633790226057226795,27.05.2009 14:03:25:723,4.292500972747803,2.0738532543182373,1.36650812625885,walking 1) Sequence Name {A01,A02,A03,A04,A05,B01,B02,B03,B04,B05,C01,C02,C03,C04,C05,D01,D02,D03,D04,D05,E01,E02,E03,E04,E05} (Nominal) - A, B, C, D, E = 5 people 2) Tag identificator {010-000-024-033,020-000-033-111,020-000-032-221,010-000-030-096} (Nominal) - ANKLE_LEFT = 010-000-024-033 - ANKLE_RIGHT = 010-000-030-096 - CHEST = 020-000-033-111 - BELT = 020-000-032-221 3) timestamp (Numeric) all unique 4) date FORMAT = dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss:SSS (Date) 5) x coordinate of the tag (Numeric) 6) y coordinate of the tag (Numeric) 7) z coordinate of the tag (Numeric) 8) activity {walking,falling,'lying down',lying,'sitting down',sitting,'standing up from lying','on all fours','sitting on the ground','standing up from sitting','standing up from sitting on the ground'} (Nominal)

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Vedrana Vidulin

Mitja Lustrek

Bostjan Kaluza

Rok Piltaver

Jana Krivec


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