Skin Segmentation

Donated on 7/16/2012

The Skin Segmentation dataset is constructed over B, G, R color space. Skin and Nonskin dataset is generated using skin textures from face images of diversity of age, gender, and race people.

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The skin dataset is collected by randomly sampling B,G,R values from face images of various age groups (young, middle, and old), race groups (white, black, and asian), and genders obtained from FERET database and PAL database. Total learning sample size is 245057; out of which 50859 is the skin samples and 194198 is non-skin samples. Color FERET Image Database:, PAL Face Database from Productive Aging Laboratory, The University of Texas at Dallas:

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This dataset is of the dimension 245057 * 4 where first three columns are B,G,R (x1,x2, and x3 features) values and fourth column is of the class labels (decision variable y).

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