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Reviews on destinations in 10 categories mentioned across East Asia. Each traveler rating is mapped as Excellent(4), Very Good(3), Average(2), Poor(1), and Terrible(0) and average rating is used.

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Classification, Clustering

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This data set is populated by crawling Reviews on destinations in 10 categories mentioned across East Asia are considered. Each traveler rating is mapped as Excellent (4), Very Good (3), Average (2), Poor (1), and Terrible (0) and average rating is used against each category per user.

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Introductory Paper

Evaluation of Partitioning Clustering Algorithms for Processing Social Media Data in Tourism Domain

By Dr. Shini Renjith, A. Sreekumar, M. Jathavedan. 2018

Published in IEEE Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems

Variables Table

Variable NameRoleTypeDescriptionUnitsMissing Values
User IDIDCategoricalno
Category 1FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on art galleriesno
Category 2FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on dance clubsno
Category 3FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on juice barsno
Category 4FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on restaurantsno
Category 5FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on museumsno
Category 6FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on resortsno
Category 7FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on parks/picnic spotsno
Category 8FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on beachesno
Category 9FeatureContinuousAverage user feedback on theatersno

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Additional Variable Information

Attribute 1 : Unique user id Attribute 2 : Average user feedback on art galleries Attribute 3 : Average user feedback on dance clubs Attribute 4 : Average user feedback on juice bars Attribute 5 : Average user feedback on restaurants Attribute 6 : Average user feedback on museums Attribute 7 : Average user feedback on resorts Attribute 8 : Average user feedback on parks/picnic spots Attribute 9 : Average user feedback on beaches Attribute 10 : Average user feedback on theaters Attribute 11 : Average user feedback on religious institutions


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