MOVER: Medical Informatics Operating Room Vitals and Events Repository


Linked on 9/8/2023

This first release of MOVER includes adult patients who underwent surgery at the University of California Irvine Medical Center from 2015 to 2022. Data for patients who underwent surgery were captured from two different sources: High-fidelity physiological waveforms from all of the operating rooms were captured in real time and matched with Electronic Medical Record Data. MOVER includes data from 58,799 unique patients and 83,468 surgeries. The dataset is freely available to all researchers who sign a data usage agreement.

Dataset Characteristics

Tabular, Sequential, Multivariate, Time-Series

Subject Area

Health and Medicine

Associated Tasks

Classification, Regression, Clustering, Other

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Introductory Paper

Medical Informatics Operating Room Vitals and Events Repository (MOVER): A Public-Access Operating Room Database

By M. Samad, J. Rinehart, M. Angel, Y. Kanomata, P. Baldi, M. Cannesson. 2023

Published in JAMIA Open


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