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Balloons Data Set
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Abstract: Data previously used in cognitive psychology experiment; 4 data sets represent different conditions of an experiment

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Michael Pazzani (pazzani '@'

Data Set Information:

There are four data sets representing different conditions of an experiment. All have the same attributes.

a. Inflated is true if age=adult or act=stretch

b. Inflated is true if age=adult and act=stretch

c. Inflated is true if (color=yellow and size = small) or

d. Inflated is true if (color=yellow and size = small) or (age=adult and act=stretch)

Attribute Information:

(Classes Inflated T or F)

Color: yellow, purple
size: large, small
act: stretch, dip
age: adult, child
inflated: T, F

Relevant Papers:

Pazzani, M. (1991). The influence of prior knowledge on concept acquisition: Experimental and computational results. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory & Cognition, 17, 3, 416-432.
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Ron Kohavi and George H. John and Richard Long and David Manley and Karl Pfleger. MLC++: A Machine Learning Library in C. ICTAI. 1994. [View Context].

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