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HCV data Data Set
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Abstract: The data set contains laboratory values of blood donors and Hepatitis C patients and demographic values like age.

Data Set Characteristics:  


Number of Instances:




Attribute Characteristics:

Integer, Real

Number of Attributes:


Date Donated


Associated Tasks:

Classification, Clustering

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Creators: Ralf Lichtinghagen, Frank Klawonn, Georg Hoffmann
Donor: Ralf Lichtinghagen: Institute of Clinical Chemistry; Medical University Hannover (MHH); Hannover, Germany; lichtinghagen.ralf '@'
Donor: Frank Klawonn; Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research; Braunschweig, Germany; frank.klawonn '@'
Donor: Georg Hoffmann; Trillium GmbH; Grafrath, Germany; georg.hoffmann '@'

Data Set Information:

The target attribute for classification is Category (blood donors vs. Hepatitis C (including its progress ('just' Hepatitis C, Fibrosis, Cirrhosis).

Attribute Information:

All attributes except Category and Sex are numerical. The laboratory data are the attributes 5-14.
1) X (Patient ID/No.)
2) Category (diagnosis) (values: '0=Blood Donor', '0s=suspect Blood Donor', '1=Hepatitis', '2=Fibrosis', '3=Cirrhosis')
3) Age (in years)
4) Sex (f,m)
5) ALB
6) ALP
7) ALT
8) AST
9) BIL
10) CHE
11) CHOL
12) CREA
13) GGT
14) PROT

Relevant Papers:

Lichtinghagen R et al. J Hepatol 2013; 59: 236-42
Hoffmann G et al. Using machine learning techniques to generate laboratory diagnostic pathways – a case study. J Lab Precis Med 2018; 3: 58-67

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