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Malware static and dynamic features VxHeaven and Virus Total Data Set
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Abstract: 3 datasets: staDynBenignLab.csv, features extracted from 595 files (Win 7 and 8); staDynVxHeaven2698Lab.csv, from 2698 files of VxHeaven and staDynVt2955Lab.csv,from 2955 files of Virus Total.

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Alberto Redondo Hernández, alberto.redondo '@'

Data Set Information:

- staDynBenignLab.csv: 1086 features extracted from 595 files on MS Windows 7 and 8, obtained Program Files directory.
- staDynVxHeaven2698Lab.csv: 1087 features extracted from 2698 files of VxHeaven dataset.
- staDynVt2955Lab.csv: 1087 features extracted from 2955 provided by Virus Total in 2018.

Attribute Information:

Static features: ASM, Hex dump and PE Header (discreate, continuous)
Dynamic features: extracted from a Cuckoo sandbox

Relevant Papers:

'Detecting Malware Using a Hybrid Approach' (it will be published soon)

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The author gratefully acknowledges Virus Total for providing the corresponding malware files to the study.

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