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YearPredictionMSD Data Set
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Abstract: Prediction of the release year of a song from audio features. Songs are mostly western, commercial tracks ranging from 1922 to 2011, with a peak in the year 2000s.

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This data is a subset of the Million Song Dataset:
a collaboration between LabROSA (Columbia University) and The Echo Nest.
Prepared by T. Bertin-Mahieux <tb2332 '@'>

Data Set Information:

You should respect the following train / test split:
train: first 463,715 examples
test: last 51,630 examples
It avoids the 'producer effect' by making sure no song
from a given artist ends up in both the train and test set.

Attribute Information:

90 attributes, 12 = timbre average, 78 = timbre covariance
The first value is the year (target), ranging from 1922 to 2011.
Features extracted from the 'timbre' features from The Echo Nest API.
We take the average and covariance over all 'segments', each segment
being described by a 12-dimensional timbre vector.

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