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Thyroid Disease Data Set
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Abstract: 10 separate databases from Garavan Institute

Data Set Characteristics:  

Multivariate, Domain-Theory

Number of Instances:




Attribute Characteristics:

Categorical, Real

Number of Attributes:


Date Donated


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Missing Values?


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Ross Quinlan

Data Set Information:

# From Garavan Institute
# Documentation: as given by Ross Quinlan
# 6 databases from the Garavan Institute in Sydney, Australia
# Approximately the following for each database:

** 2800 training (data) instances and 972 test instances
** Plenty of missing data
** 29 or so attributes, either Boolean or continuously-valued

# 2 additional databases, also from Ross Quinlan, are also here

** and
** Quinlan believes that these databases have been corrupted
** Their format is highly similar to the other databases

# 1 more database of 9172 instances that cover 20 classes, and a related domain theory
# Another thyroid database from Stefan Aeberhard

** 3 classes, 215 instances, 5 attributes
** No missing values

# A Thyroid database suited for training ANNs

** 3 classes
** 3772 training instances, 3428 testing instances
** Includes cost data (donated by Peter Turney)

Attribute Information:


Relevant Papers:

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[Web Link]

Quinlan,J.R. (1986). Induction of decision trees. Machine Learning, 1, 81--106.
[Web Link]

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