Ozone Level Detection

Donated on 4/20/2008

Two ground ozone level data sets are included in this collection. One is the eight hour peak set (eighthr.data), the other is the one hour peak set (onehr.data). Those data were collected from 1998 to 2004 at the Houston, Galveston and Brazoria area.

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Multivariate, Sequential, Time-Series

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Climate and Environment

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For a list of attributes, please refer to those two .names files. They use the following naming convention: All the attribute start with T means the temperature measured at different time throughout the day; and those starts with WS indicate the wind speed at various time. WSR_PK: continuous. peek wind speed -- resultant (meaning average of wind vector) WSR_AV: continuous. average wind speed T_PK: continuous. Peak T T_AV: continuous. Average T T85: continuous. T at 850 hpa level (or about 1500 m height) RH85: continuous. Relative Humidity at 850 hpa U85: continuous. (U wind - east-west direction wind at 850 hpa) V85: continuous. V wind - N-S direction wind at 850 HT85: continuous. Geopotential height at 850 hpa, it is about the same as height at low altitude T70: continuous. T at 700 hpa level (roughly 3100 m height) RH70: continuous. U70: continuous. V70: continuous. HT70: continuous. T50: continuous. T at 500 hpa level (roughly at 5500 m height) RH50: continuous. U50: continuous. V50: continuous. HT50: continuous. KI: continuous. K-Index http://www.weather.gov/glossary/index.php?letter=k TT: continuous. T-Totals http://www.theweatherprediction.com/habyhints/302/ SLP: continuous. Sea level pressure SLP_: continuous. SLP change from previous day Precp: continuous. -- precipitation

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The following are specifications for several most important attributes that are highly valued by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). More details can be found in the two relevant papers. O 3 - Local ozone peak prediction Upwind - Upwind ozone background level EmFactor - Precursor emissions related factor Tmax - Maximum temperature in degrees F Tb - Base temperature where net ozone production begins (50 F) SRd - Solar radiation total for the day WSa - Wind speed near sunrise (using 09-12 UTC forecast mode) WSp - Wind speed mid-day (using 15-21 UTC forecast mode) Please refer to those two .names files.


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