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Popular Datasets


A small classic dataset from Fisher, 1936. One of the earliest known datasets used for evaluating classification methods.

Heart Disease

4 databases: Cleveland, Hungary, Switzerland, and the VA Long Beach


Predict whether income exceeds $50K/yr based on census data. Also known as "Census Income" dataset.


Using chemical analysis to determine the origin of wines

Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic)

Diagnostic Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database.


This diabetes dataset is from AIM '94

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New Datasets

Regensburg Pediatric Appendicitis

This repository holds the data from a cohort of pediatric patients with suspected appendicitis admitted with abdominal pain to Children’s Hospital St. Hedwig in Regensburg, Germany, between 2016 and 2021. Each patient has (potentially multiple) ultrasound (US) images, aka views, tabular data comprising laboratory, physical examination, scoring results and ultrasonographic findings extracted manually by the experts, and three target variables, namely, diagnosis, management and severity.

National Poll on Healthy Aging (NPHA)

This is a subset of the NPHA dataset filtered down to develop and validate machine learning algorithms for predicting the number of doctors a survey respondent sees in a year. This dataset’s records represent seniors who responded to the NPHA survey.

Infrared Thermography Temperature Dataset

The Infrared Thermography Temperature Dataset contains temperatures read from various locations of inferred images about patients, with the addition of oral temperatures measured for each individual. The 33 features consist of gender, age, ethnicity, ambiant temperature, humidity, distance, and other temperature readings from the thermal images. The dataset is intended to be used in a regression task to predict the oral temperature using the environment information as well as the thermal image readings.

Jute Pest Dataset

This dataset has 17 classes. Data are divided in three partition train, val and test. The classes are 0 : Beet Armyworm 1 : Black Hairy 2 : Cutworm 3 : Field Cricket 4 : Jute Aphid 5 : Jute Hairy 6 : Jute Red Mite 7 : Jute Semilooper 8 : Jute Stem Girdler 9 : Jute Stem Weevil 10 : Leaf Beetle 11 : Mealybug 12 : Pod Borer 13 : Scopula Emissaria 14 : Termite 15 : Termite odontotermes (Rambur) 16 : Yellow Mite

Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Recurrence

This data set contains 13 clinicopathologic features aiming to predict recurrence of well differentiated thyroid cancer. The data set was collected in duration of 15 years and each patient was followed for at least 10 years.

Forty soybean cultivars from subsequent harvests

Soybean cultivation is one of the most important because it is used in several segments of the food industry. The evaluation of soybean cultivars subject to different planting and harvesting characteristics is an ongoing field of research. We present a dataset obtained from forty soybean cultivars planted in subsequent seasons. The experiment used randomized blocks, arranged in a split-plot scheme, with four replications. The following variables were collected: plant height, insertion of the first pod, number of stems, number of legumes per plant, number of grains per pod, thousand seed weight, and grain yield, resulting in 320 data samples. The dataset presented can be used by researchers from different fields of activity.

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