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Oxford Parkinson's Disease Detection Dataset

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This dataset is composed of a range of biomedical voice measurements from 31 people, 23 with Parkinson's disease (PD). Each column in the table is a particular voice measure, and each row corresponds one of 195 voice recording from these individuals ("name" column). The main aim of the data is to discriminate healthy people from those with PD, according to "status" column which is set to 0 for healthy and 1 for PD. The data is in ASCII CSV format. The rows of the CSV file contain an instance corresponding to one voice recording. There are around six recordings per patient, the name of the patient is identified in the first column.For further information or to pass on comments, please contact Max Little (littlem '@' Further details are contained in the following reference -- if you use this dataset, please cite: Max A. Little, Patrick E. McSharry, Eric J. Hunter, Lorraine O. Ramig (2008), 'Suitability of dysphonia measurements for telemonitoring of Parkinson's disease', IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (to appear).

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Introductory Paper

Exploiting Nonlinear Recurrence and Fractal Scaling Properties for Voice Disorder Detection

By Max A. Little, P. McSharry, S. Roberts, D. Costello, I. Moroz. 2007

Published in BioMedical Engineering OnLine

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Matrix column entries (attributes): name - ASCII subject name and recording number MDVP:Fo(Hz) - Average vocal fundamental frequency MDVP:Fhi(Hz) - Maximum vocal fundamental frequency MDVP:Flo(Hz) - Minimum vocal fundamental frequency MDVP:Jitter(%),MDVP:Jitter(Abs),MDVP:RAP,MDVP:PPQ,Jitter:DDP - Several measures of variation in fundamental frequency MDVP:Shimmer,MDVP:Shimmer(dB),Shimmer:APQ3,Shimmer:APQ5,MDVP:APQ,Shimmer:DDA - Several measures of variation in amplitude NHR,HNR - Two measures of ratio of noise to tonal components in the voice status - Health status of the subject (one) - Parkinson's, (zero) - healthy RPDE,D2 - Two nonlinear dynamical complexity measures DFA - Signal fractal scaling exponent spread1,spread2,PPE - Three nonlinear measures of fundamental frequency variation

Papers Citing this Dataset

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