Character Trajectories

Donated on 8/19/2008

Multiple, labelled samples of pen tip trajectories recorded whilst writing individual characters. All samples are from the same writer, for the purposes of primitive extraction. Only characters with a single pen-down segment were considered.

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The characters here were used for a PhD study on primitive extraction using HMM based models. The data consists of 2858 character samples, contained in the cell array 'mixout'. The struct variable 'consts' contains a field consts.charlabels which provides ennummerated labels for the characters. consts.key provides the key for each label. The data was captured using a WACOM tablet. 3 Dimensions were kept - x, y, and pen tip force. The data has been numerically differentiated and Gaussian smoothed, with a sigma value of 2. Data was captured at 200Hz. The data was normalised with consts.datanorm. Only characters with a single 'PEN-DOWN' segment were considered. Character segmentation was performed using a pen tip force cut-off point. The characters have also been shifted so that their velocity profiles best match the mean of the set.

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Each character sample is a 3-dimensional pen tip velocity trajectory. This is contained in matrix format, with 3 rows and T columns where T is the length of the character sample.


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