Energy Efficiency

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This study looked into assessing the heating load and cooling load requirements of buildings (that is, energy efficiency) as a function of building parameters.

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Computer Science

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Classification, Regression

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Integer, Real

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We perform energy analysis using 12 different building shapes simulated in Ecotect. The buildings differ with respect to the glazing area, the glazing area distribution, and the orientation, amongst other parameters. We simulate various settings as functions of the afore-mentioned characteristics to obtain 768 building shapes. The dataset comprises 768 samples and 8 features, aiming to predict two real valued responses. It can also be used as a multi-class classification problem if the response is rounded to the nearest integer.

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Variables Table

Variable NameRoleTypeDescriptionUnitsMissing Values
X1FeatureContinuousRelative Compactnessno
X2FeatureContinuousSurface Areano
X3FeatureContinuousWall Areano
X4FeatureContinuousRoof Areano
X5FeatureContinuousOverall Heightno
X7FeatureContinuousGlazing Areano
X8FeatureIntegerGlazing Area Distributionno
Y1TargetContinuousHeating Loadno
Y2TargetContinuousCooling Loadno

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Additional Variable Information

The dataset contains eight attributes (or features, denoted by X1...X8) and two responses (or outcomes, denoted by y1 and y2). The aim is to use the eight features to predict each of the two responses. Specifically: X1 Relative Compactness X2 Surface Area X3 Wall Area X4 Roof Area X5 Overall Height X6 Orientation X7 Glazing Area X8 Glazing Area Distribution y1 Heating Load y2 Cooling Load

Papers Citing this Dataset

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Published in Big Data and Cognitive Computing.

Symbolic Regression Algorithms with Built-in Linear Regression

By Jan Zegklitz, Petr Posík. 2017

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