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This dataset can be used to predict the chronic kidney disease and it can be collected from the hospital nearly 2 months of period.

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We use the following representation to collect the dataset age - age bp - blood pressure sg - specific gravity al - albumin su - sugar rbc - red blood cells pc - pus cell pcc - pus cell clumps ba - bacteria bgr - blood glucose random bu - blood urea sc - serum creatinine sod - sodium pot - potassium hemo - hemoglobin pcv - packed cell volume wc - white blood cell count rc - red blood cell count htn - hypertension dm - diabetes mellitus cad - coronary artery disease appet - appetite pe - pedal edema ane - anemia class - class

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We use 24 + class = 25 ( 11 numeric ,14 nominal) 1.Age(numerical) age in years 2.Blood Pressure(numerical) bp in mm/Hg 3.Specific Gravity(nominal) sg - (1.005,1.010,1.015,1.020,1.025) 4.Albumin(nominal) al - (0,1,2,3,4,5) 5.Sugar(nominal) su - (0,1,2,3,4,5) 6.Red Blood Cells(nominal) rbc - (normal,abnormal) 7.Pus Cell (nominal) pc - (normal,abnormal) 8.Pus Cell clumps(nominal) pcc - (present,notpresent) 9.Bacteria(nominal) ba - (present,notpresent) 10.Blood Glucose Random(numerical) bgr in mgs/dl 11.Blood Urea(numerical) bu in mgs/dl 12.Serum Creatinine(numerical) sc in mgs/dl 13.Sodium(numerical) sod in mEq/L 14.Potassium(numerical) pot in mEq/L 15.Hemoglobin(numerical) hemo in gms 16.Packed Cell Volume(numerical) 17.White Blood Cell Count(numerical) wc in cells/cumm 18.Red Blood Cell Count(numerical) rc in millions/cmm 19.Hypertension(nominal) htn - (yes,no) 20.Diabetes Mellitus(nominal) dm - (yes,no) 21.Coronary Artery Disease(nominal) cad - (yes,no) 22.Appetite(nominal) appet - (good,poor) 23.Pedal Edema(nominal) pe - (yes,no) 24.Anemia(nominal) ane - (yes,no) 25.Class (nominal) class - (ckd,notckd)


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P. Eswaran


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