Cervical Cancer (Risk Factors)

Donated on 3/2/2017

This dataset focuses on the prediction of indicators/diagnosis of cervical cancer. The features cover demographic information, habits, and historic medical records.

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Health and Medicine

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Integer, Real

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The dataset was collected at 'Hospital Universitario de Caracas' in Caracas, Venezuela. The dataset comprises demographic information, habits, and historic medical records of 858 patients. Several patients decided not to answer some of the questions because of privacy concerns (missing values).

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Introductory Paper

Transfer Learning with Partial Observability Applied to Cervical Cancer Screening

By Kelwin Fernandes, Jaime S. Cardoso, Jessica C. Fernandes. 2017

Published in Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

Variables Table

Variable NameRoleTypeDemographicDescriptionUnitsMissing Values
Number of sexual partnersFeatureContinuousOtheryes
First sexual intercourseFeatureContinuousyes
Num of pregnanciesFeatureContinuousyes
Smokes (years)FeatureContinuousyes
Smokes (packs/year)FeatureContinuousyes
Hormonal ContraceptivesFeatureContinuousyes
Hormonal Contraceptives (years)FeatureContinuousyes

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Additional Variable Information

(int) Age (int) Number of sexual partners (int) First sexual intercourse (age) (int) Num of pregnancies (bool) Smokes (bool) Smokes (years) (bool) Smokes (packs/year) (bool) Hormonal Contraceptives (int) Hormonal Contraceptives (years) (bool) IUD (int) IUD (years) (bool) STDs (int) STDs (number) (bool) STDs:condylomatosis (bool) STDs:cervical condylomatosis (bool) STDs:vaginal condylomatosis (bool) STDs:vulvo-perineal condylomatosis (bool) STDs:syphilis (bool) STDs:pelvic inflammatory disease (bool) STDs:genital herpes (bool) STDs:molluscum contagiosum (bool) STDs:AIDS (bool) STDs:HIV (bool) STDs:Hepatitis B (bool) STDs:HPV (int) STDs: Number of diagnosis (int) STDs: Time since first diagnosis (int) STDs: Time since last diagnosis (bool) Dx:Cancer (bool) Dx:CIN (bool) Dx:HPV (bool) Dx (bool) Hinselmann: target variable (bool) Schiller: target variable (bool) Cytology: target variable (bool) Biopsy: target variable


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Kelwin Fernandes

Jaime Cardoso

Jessica Fernandes


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