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Donated on 10/31/1998

Log of anonymous users of; predict areas of the web site a user visited based on data on other areas the user visited.

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We created the data by sampling and processing the logs. The data records the use of by 38000 anonymous, randomly-selected users. For each user, the data lists all the areas of the web site (Vroots) that user visited in a one week timeframe. Users are identified only by a sequential number, for example, User #14988, User #14989, etc. The file contains no personally identifiable information. The 294 Vroots are identified by their title (e.g. "NetShow for PowerPoint") and URL (e.g. "/stream"). The data comes from one week in February, 1998.

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Each attribute is an area ("vroot") of the web site. The datasets record which Vroots each user visited in a one-week timeframe in Feburary 1998.

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