Repeat Consumption Matrices

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The dataset contains 7 datasets of User - Item matrices, where each entry represents how many times a user consumed an item. Item is used as an umbrella term for various categories.

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There are 7 datasets from Reddit, Twitter, Gowalla and Lastfm. Each matrix contains how many times a user 'consumed' and item. Items can be locations, artists, or subreddits. Details about each dataset are presented below. (In the parenthesis is the number of Users x Items) tw_oc (13k x 11k): tweets with geolocation from Orange County CA area. Items are locations a user visits in this case. tw_ny (30k x 11k): Same as tw_oc but from the New York area. go_sf (2k x 7k): Check-ins from the app Gowalla, from the San Fransisco area. Full dataset here: go_ny (1k x 7k): Same as go_sf, but from the New York area. lastfm (992 x 15k): How many times, a user listened to each artist. Covers 3 years of listening habbits, full dataset here:∼ocelma/MusicRecommendationDataset/lastfm-1K.html reddit_top (113k x 21k): How many times a user posted in a subreddit. These are the 130k most active users from 2015 and 20k most subscribed subreddits. This dataset is very large and can take a lot of time to load/use. reddit_sample (20k x 21k): Same as reddit_top, but a sample of 20k users.

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The attributes represent items (categories) that uses tend to select multiple times. These can be music artists, subreddits or locations on the map.

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