Alcohol QCM Sensor

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Five different QCM gas sensors are used, and five different gas measurements (1-octanol, 1-propanol, 2-butanol, 2-propanol and 1-isobutanol) are conducted in each of these sensors.

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Classification, Regression, Clustering

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In the dataset there are 5 types of dataset. QCM3, QCM6, QCM7, QCM10, QCM12 In each of dataset, There is alcohol classification of five types, 1-octanol, 1-propanol, 2-butanol, 2-propanol, 1-isobutanol

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Introductory Paper

Classification of alcohols obtained by QCM sensors with different characteristics using ABC based neural network

By M. F. Adak, P. Lieberzeit, P. Jarujamrus, N. Yumusak. 2020

Published in Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal

Variable Information

The gas sample is passed through the sensor in five different concentrations. These concentrations are, Concentration Air ratio (ml) Gas ratio (ml) 1 0.799 0.201 2 0.700 0.300 3 0.600 0.400 4 0.501 0.499 5 0.400 0.600 There are two channels in the sensor. One of these circles forms channel 1, and the other forms channel 2. MIP and MP ratios used in the QCM sensors are, Sensor name MIP ratio NP ratio QCM3 1 1 QCM6 1 0 QCM7 1 0.5 QCM10 1 2 QCM12 0 1


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M. Adak

Peter Lieberzeit

Purim Jarujamrus

Nejat Yumusak


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