Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) for Egyptian patients

Donated on 9/29/2019

Egyptian patients who underwent treatment dosages for HCV about 18 months. Discretization should be applied based on expert recommendations; there is an attached file shows how.

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Introductory Paper

A novel model based on non invasive methods for prediction of liver fibrosis

By Mahmoud Nasr, Khaled El-Bahnasy, M. Hamdy, S. Kamal. 2017

Published in International Computer Engineering Conference

Variables Table

Variable NameRoleTypeDemographicDescriptionUnitsMissing Values
Age FeatureIntegerno
GenderFeatureBinary[Male], [Female]no
BMIFeatureIntegerBody Mass Indexno
FeverFeatureBinary[Absent], [Present]no
Nausea/VomtingFeatureBinary[Absent], [Present]no
Headache FeatureBinary[Absent], [Present]no
Diarrhea FeatureBinary[Absent], [Present]no
Fatigue & generalized bone ache FeatureBinary[Absent], [Present]no
Jaundice FeatureBinary[Absent], [Present]no
Epigastric pain FeatureBinary[Absent], [Present]no

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Additional Variable Information

Age Age Gender Gender BMI Body Mass Index Fever Fever Nausea/Vomting Nausea/Vomting Headache Headache Diarrhea Diarrhea Fatigue & generalized bone ache Fatigue & generalized bone ache Jaundice Jaundice Epigastric pain Epigastric pain WBC White blood cell RBC red blood cells HGB Hemoglobin Plat Platelets AST 1 aspartate transaminase ratio ALT 1 alanine transaminase ratio 1 week ALT 4 alanine transaminase ratio 12 weeks ALT 12 alanine transaminase ratio 4 weeks ALT 24 alanine transaminase ratio 24 weeks ALT 36 alanine transaminase ratio 36 weeks ALT 48 alanine transaminase ratio 48 weeks ALT after 24 w alanine transaminase ratio 24 weeks RNA Base RNA Base RNA 4 RNA 4 RNA 12 RNA 12 RNA EOT RNA end-of-treatment RNA EF RNA Elongation Factor Baseline histological Grading Baseline histological Grading Baselinehistological staging Baselinehistological staging

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Sanaa Kamal

Mohamed ElEleimy

Doaa Hegazy

Mahmoud Nasr


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