Early Stage Diabetes Risk Prediction

Donated on 7/11/2020

This dataset contains the sign and symptpom data of newly diabetic or would be diabetic patient.

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Computer Science

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Categorical, Integer

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This has been col- lected using direct questionnaires from the patients of Sylhet Diabetes Hospital in Sylhet, Bangladesh and approved by a doctor.

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Introductory Paper

Likelihood Prediction of Diabetes at Early Stage Using Data Mining Techniques

By M. M. F. Islam, Rahatara Ferdousi, Sadikur Rahman, Humayra Yasmin Bushra. 2019

Published in Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence in Medical Image Analysis

Variable Information

Age 1.20-65 Sex 1. Male, 2.Female Polyuria 1.Yes, 2.No. Polydipsia 1.Yes, 2.No. sudden weight loss 1.Yes, 2.No. weakness 1.Yes, 2.No. Polyphagia 1.Yes, 2.No. Genital thrush 1.Yes, 2.No. visual blurring 1.Yes, 2.No. Itching 1.Yes, 2.No. Irritability 1.Yes, 2.No. delayed healing 1.Yes, 2.No. partial paresis 1.Yes, 2.No. muscle sti ness 1.Yes, 2.No. Alopecia 1.Yes, 2.No. Obesity 1.Yes, 2.No. Class 1.Positive, 2.Negative.


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