Cervical Cancer Behavior Risk

Donated on 7/16/2019

The dataset contains 19 attributes regarding ca cervix behavior risk with class label is ca_cervix with 1 and 0 as values which means the respondent with and without ca cervix, respectively.

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Multivariate, Univariate

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Health and Medicine

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Classification, Clustering

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This dataset consist of 18 attribute (comes from 8 variables, the name of variables is the first word in each attribute) 1) behavior_eating 2) behavior_personalHygine 3) intention_aggregation 4) intention_commitment 5) attitude_consistency 6) attitude_spontaneity 7) norm_significantPerson 8) norm_fulfillment 9) perception_vulnerability 10) perception_severity 11) motivation_strength 12) motivation_willingness 13) socialSupport_emotionality 14) socialSupport_appreciation 15) socialSupport_instrumental 16) empowerment_knowledge 17) empowerment_abilities 18) empowerment_desires 19) ca_cervix (this is class attribute, 1=has cervical cancer, 0=no cervical cancer)

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