Vehicle routing and scheduling problems

Donated on 10/6/2019

Data collection was conducted through notes taken during the distribution of orders in a courier company that operates in the region and in the city of São Paulo (Brazil).

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The attributes are the number of crew members, form of cargo stowage/transshipment (manual or mechanized/palletized), service difficulty (waiting time, identification of delivery person, etc.), distance from the depot in kilometers, average monthly cargo, average daily per point, average number of volumes transported per day, average vehicle occupation (%), and the type of vehicle used. The data set (Vehicle routing and scheduling problems) was used in academic research at the Universidade Nove de Julho - Postgraduate Program in Informatics and Knowledge Management.

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1. Number of crew members 2. Form of cargo stowage/transshipment (manual = 1 or mechanized/palletized = 2) 3. Service difficulty (waiting time, identification of delivery person, etc.) - (low service difficulty = 1; 2, 3 and 4 intermediate; high service difficulty = 5) 4. Distance from the depot in kilometers 5. Average monthly cargo 6. Average daily per point 7. Average number of volumes transported per day (box) 8. Average vehicle occupation (%) 9. Type of vehicle (Up to 0.7 tons of capacity = 1; Up to 1.5 tons of capacity; Up to 3 tons of capacity).

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