Shill Bidding Dataset

Donated on 3/9/2020

We scraped a large number of eBay auctions of a popular product. After preprocessing the auction data, we build the SB dataset. The goal is to share the labelled SB dataset with the researchers.

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Computer Science

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Classification, Clustering

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Record ID: Unique identifier of a record in the dataset. Auction ID: Unique identifier of an auction. Bidder ID: Unique identifier of a bidder. Bidder Tendency: A shill bidder participates exclusively in auctions of few sellers rather than a diversified lot. This is a collusive act involving the fraudulent seller and an accomplice. Bidding Ratio: A shill bidder participates more frequently to raise the auction price and attract higher bids from legitimate participants. Successive Outbidding: A shill bidder successively outbids himself even though he is the current winner to increase the price gradually with small consecutive increments. Last Bidding: A shill bidder becomes inactive at the last stage of the auction (more than 90\% of the auction duration) to avoid winning the auction. Auction Bids: Auctions with SB activities tend to have a much higher number of bids than the average of bids in concurrent auctions. Auction Starting Price: a shill bidder usually offers a small starting price to attract legitimate bidders into the auction. Early Bidding: A shill bidder tends to bid pretty early in the auction (less than 25\% of the auction duration) to get the attention of auction users. Winning Ratio: A shill bidder competes in many auctions but hardly wins any auctions. Auction Duration: How long an auction lasted. Class: 0 for normal behaviour bidding; 1 for otherwise.


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