Russian Corpus of Biographical Texts

Donated on 6/2/2020

Sentence classification (Russian). The corpus contains Wikipedia texts splitted into sentences/ Each sentence has a topic label.

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The corpus was created for the task of automatic search for fragments containing biographical information in a text in a natural language. The corpus includes 200 Russian biographical articles (Wikipedia, 2018). Text pre-processing and selection included the following steps: - firstly, initial collection of texts was carried out automatically using open Python libraries; - we deleted short texts containing only years of a person’s life and a list of his places of work; - we have deleted all sections except the 'Biography' section. This is due to the fact that biographical articles on Wikipedia contain lists of awards, scientific works, works and other sections that are inconvenient for marking up. The corpus includes biographies of individuals whose main activity is related to one of the following areas: - military and law enforcement officers; - figures of culture and art; - figures of science, technology and education; - politicians and public figures; - entrepreneurs and managers; - religious figures.

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The corpus is a text collection, divided into sentences. Each sentence refers to one or two thematic classes: non-biographical fact (none); personal events (personal_events); professional events (professional_events); birth death nationality information about the parental family (parenting)); affiliation education family place of residence, residence (residence); occupation, position (occupation); other biographical facts (other). The corpus of biographical texts consists of the following elements: - texts presented in .xml format (each sentence includes the attributes 'text' and 'type' (thematic class), if available - 'additional_type' (additional thematic class); - a file with a description of the corps in .csv format, which contains information about the texts (name of the person, years of life, area of main activity).


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