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The dataset is a collection of text forum threads with class labels reflects the reply quality to the Initial-Post, 3 for complete relevant, 2 for partially relevant, and 1 for irrelevant

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This document describes the datasets used in the following paper: Akram Osman, Naomie Salim and Faisal Saeed. Quality Dimensions Features for Identifying High-Quality User Replies in Text Forum Threads using Classification Methods, journal PLOS ONE, 10.1371/journal.pone.0215516 . The authors downloaded the Forum Thread Retrieval Dataset from the following url,, the dataset is avilable free online and authorized to be used. The authors conducted a survey on crowdsourcing platform community ( to judge the quality of each reply in the thread to the initial post. This platform was used to assign class labels (1,2, or 3) to each posted reply, as follows: Score 3 has been assined to High-quality Replies, 2 for Low-quality Replies, and 1 for Non-quality Replies.

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<Thread> <ThreadID>60974_588_2410400</ThreadID> <Title>Question on Hotel Military Discount</Title> <InitPost> <UserID>Bflo_girl40</UserID> <Date>14 December 2008, 2:41</Date> <icontent> I need some advice and hope someone can help me out. Last August I made hotel reservations online at a Homewood Suites for Christmas week. I requested the military rate. Today, more than 5 months later and a week before check-in I received a letter from the hotel stating that I will have to show ';gov't issued work orders specifying dates and location of gov't agency where work will be performed';. There is no official business as this is just a vacation and most hotels offer a military rate, just like a AAA or AARP rate. At this late date all the hotel rates are jacked up or unavailable. Their website states that the military rate requires ';valid ID or travel orders required at check-in';. What should I do? Thanks. </icontent> </InitPost> <Post> <UserID>buffalonian</UserID> <Date>15 December 2008, 17:42</Date> <Class>3</Class> <rcontent> Since the letter is from the hotel directly, I get the impression that they plan to enforce the intention of the policy. My thoughts have always been that these discounts were for folks traveling on gov't business..not a just a deal for gov't employees. AAA, AARP dicounts rarely top 10% whereas gov't and military can be as deep as 30-50% off the rack rate. You could just play dumb and take your chances.... </rcontent> </Post> <Post> <UserID>Bflo_girl40</UserID> <Date>16 December 2008, 4:17</Date> <Class>2</Class> <rcontent> Thank you for your response. I have been asking for and getting the military discount going on 20 years at various hotels and have never been asked for this documentation. The discount I received was only about $18 less a nite than the AAA rate. What makes me upset is that I made these reservations in August and I just got the letter! </rcontent> </Post> <Post> <UserID>Lady_Dee</UserID> <Date>16 December 2008, 8:44</Date> <Class>2</Class> <rcontent> Can you find the hotel chain's policy in writing, like on the website? </rcontent> </Post> <Post> <UserID>buffalonian</UserID> <Date>16 December 2008, 23:29</Date> <Class>2</Class> <rcontent> Interesting... I do think it is odd that they would ask for this so far after the initial reservation was posted... I would contact the hotel for an explanation. What sort of Id have most the hotels required in the past...I am wondering now if I qualify as a government employee...I would love to tap into those rates..... </rcontent> </Post> <Post> <UserID>Bflo_girl40</UserID> <Date>19 December 2008, 3:32</Date> <Class>3</Class> <rcontent> One of the perks of being in the military are the discounts - all you need to show is your id card. (except in this instance). I contacted Hilton Customer Assistance regarding this matter and they were very professional and helpful about my concerns. The manager of the Buffalo-Amherst property contacted me and offered me a discount off of the rack rate, but will not honor the reservation rate. Hilton corporate stated that each property can make up their own policies regarding rates. This is a very bad business practice if they change the terms of the reservation. </rcontent> </Post> </Thread>


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