BLE RSSI dataset for Indoor localization

Donated on 5/28/2019

This dataset contains RSSIs obtained on smartphones(Sony Xperia XA1). Signals were transmitted from BLE product called iTAG. Location column denotes the position of iTAG in building's entry.

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Sequential, Time-Series

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Computer Science

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The dataset was collected with help of students. Twelve students were divided to three groups and each student had iTAG device. They walked inside their limited area with activated iTAG. In long corridor, 18.35m x 3m, we denoted 3 areas which illustrate building's entry: inside, in vestibule and outside. Two smartphones, Sony Xperia XA1, received signals. They located at the start and end of 'in vestibule' area, which has length of 2.35m. Collection of RSSIs lasted for 20 minutes. There are two datasets: filtered_rssi and raw_rssi. We used feedback filter to smooth RSSI. Raw RSSIs are actual RSSIs that smartphone got.

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name - MAC address of iTAG locationStatus - one of three possible iTAG location: INSIDE, IN_VESTIBULE, OUTSIDE timestamp - timestamp in milliseconds rssiOne - RSSI on first smartphone rssiTwo - RSSI on second smartphone


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