Molecular Biology (Protein Secondary Structure)

From CMU connectionist bench repository; Classifies secondary structure of certain globular proteins

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This is a data set used by Ning Qian and Terry Sejnowski in their study using a neural net to predict the secondary structure of certain globular proteins [1]. The idea is to take a linear sequence of amino acids and to predict, for each of these amino acids, what secondary structure it is a part of within the protein. There are three choices: alpha-helix, beta-sheet, and random-coil. The data set contains both a large set of training data and a distinct set of data that can be used for testing the resulting network. Qian and Sejnowski use a Nettalk-like approach and report an accuracy of 64.3% on the test set, and they speculate that this is about the best that can be done using only local context. There is also a domain theory in the folder, donated and created by Jude Shavlik & Rich Maclin

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