Non verbal tourists data

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This dataset contains the information about non-verbal preferences of tourists

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Social Science

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Classification, Clustering

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Real, Integer

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A total of 73 customers, aged between 24 and 81 years old, were surveyed. Of the customers surveyed, 38 were returning customers, and 35 were new cus-tomers. The variables chosen are the essential ones that make up the non-verbal communication system. In addition to being the most feasible to evaluate in clients. The non-verbal system is made up of subsystems such as kinesic, paralanguage, proxemic, chronic, and others. In the design of the questionnaire, the indicators that make up these subsystems were taken into account to be explored as part of the client's communication preferences, as well as being feasible to evaluate in clients. The 22 variables analyzed were considered feasible to evaluate by the hotel's clientele.

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Introductory Paper

Improvement of Tourists Satisfaction According to Their Non-Verbal Preferences Using Computational Intelligence

By Claudia C. Tusell-Rey, Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla, O. Camacho-Nieto, Y. Villuendas-Rey, C. Yáñez-Márquez. 2021

Published in Applied Sciences

Variables Table

Variable NameRoleTypeDemographicDescriptionUnitsMissing Values
sexFeatureBinarySexSex of the clientyes
ageFeatureIntegerAgeAge of the clientyes
countryFeatureCategoricalNationalityCountry of the clientyes
returningFeatureBinaryIf the client is returningyes
GImg1FeatureCategoricalHandshake Indifferentyes
GImg2FeatureCategoricalHug indifferentyes
GImg3FeatureCategoricalKiss indifferentyes
PImg1FeatureCategoricalConsent postureyes
PImg2FeatureCategoricalInterest postureyes
PImg3FeatureCategoricalNeutral postureyes

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Additional Variable Information

Number Name Description Admissible values 1 Sex Sex of the client Male, Female, ?1 2 Age Age of the client 0-100, ? 3 Country Country of the client United Nations admitted countries, ? 4 Returning If the client is returning Yes, No, ? 5 GImg1 Handshake Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 6 GImg2 Hug Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 7 GImg3 Kiss Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 8 PImg1 Consent posture Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 9 PImg2 Interest posture Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 10 PImg3 Neutral posture Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 11 PImg4 Reflexive posture Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 12 PImg5 Negative posture Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 13 Tense - relaxed Observed emotional clime. 1-10, ? (1 is too tense, 10 is too relaxed) 14 Authoritative -anarchic Observed emotional clime 1-10, ? (1 is too authoritative, 10 is too anar-chic) 15 Hostile - friendly Observed emotional clime 1-10, ? (1 is too hostile, 10 is too friendly) 16 TAudio1 Authoritative Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 17 TAudio2 Sarcastic Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 18 TAudio3 Friendly Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 19 QAudio1 Spitting Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 20 QAudio2 Hum Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 21 QAudio3 Sigh Indifferent, likes, dislikes, ? 22 Proxemic Physical distance preferred for the client A, B, C, D, ? (A. intimate: 15cm-45cm; B. per-sonal: 46cm-122cm; C. social: 123cm-360cm; D. public: > 360cm) 23 Class Type of client


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Claudia Tussell-Rey

Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla

O. Camacho-Nieto

Y. Villuendas-Rey

C. Yáñez-Márquez


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