Regensburg Pediatric Appendicitis


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This repository holds the data from a cohort of pediatric patients with suspected appendicitis admitted with abdominal pain to Children’s Hospital St. Hedwig in Regensburg, Germany, between 2016 and 2021. Each patient has (potentially multiple) ultrasound (US) images, aka views, tabular data comprising laboratory, physical examination, scoring results and ultrasonographic findings extracted manually by the experts, and three target variables, namely, diagnosis, management and severity.

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This dataset was acquired in a retrospective study from a cohort of pediatric patients admitted with abdominal pain to Children’s Hospital St. Hedwig in Regensburg, Germany. Multiple abdominal B-mode ultrasound images were acquired for most patients, with the number of views varying from 1 to 15. The images depict various regions of interest, such as the abdomen’s right lower quadrant, appendix, intestines, lymph nodes and reproductive organs. Alongside multiple US images for each subject, the dataset includes information encompassing laboratory tests, physical examination results, clinical scores, such as Alvarado and pediatric appendicitis scores, and expert-produced ultrasonographic findings. Lastly, the subjects were labeled w.r.t. three target variables: diagnosis (appendicitis vs. no appendicitis), management (surgical vs. conservative) and severity (complicated vs. uncomplicated or no appendicitis). The study was approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Regensburg (no. 18-1063-101, 18-1063_1-101 and 18-1063_2-101) and was performed following applicable guidelines and regulations.

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Introductory Paper

Interpretable and Intervenable Ultrasonography-based Machine Learning Models for Pediatric Appendicitis

By Ricards Marcinkevics, Patricia Reis Wolfertstetter, Ugne Klimiene, Ece Ozkan, Kieran Chin-Cheong, Alyssia Paschke, Julia Zerres, Markus Denzinger, David Niederberger, S. Wellmann, C. Knorr, Julia E. Vogt. 2023

Published in Medical Image Analysis

Variables Table

Variable NameRoleTypeDemographicDescriptionUnitsMissing Values
AgeFeatureContinuousAgeObtained from the date of birthyearsyes
BMIFeatureContinuousMeasures body fat; patient's weight divided by the square of the heightyes
SexFeatureCategoricalSexRegistered genderyes
HeightFeatureContinuousPatient's heightyes
WeightFeatureIntegerPatient's weightyes
Length_of_StayFeatureIntegerLength of the stay in the hospitalyes
ManagementTargetCategorical(conservative, primary surgical, secondary surgical, simultaneous appendectomy) Management of the patient assigned by a senior pediatric surgeon: operative (appendectomy: laparoscopic, open or conversion) or conservative (without antibiotics). In case of the secondary surgery after prior stay, the patient was labelled as operatively managed.yes
SeverityTargetCategorical(uncomplicated, complicated) Severity of appendicitis: uncomplicated: subacute/ catharral, fibrosis; phlegmonous or complicated: gangrenous, perforated, abscessedyes
Diagnosis_PresumptiveOtherBinaryPatient's suspected diagnosisyes
DiagnosisTargetBinaryPatient's diagnosis, histologically confirmed for operated patients. Conservatively managed patients were labelled as having appendicitis if they had an AS or PAS of ≥ 4 and an appendix diameter of ≥ 6 mmyes

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Additional Variable Information

Class Labels

Diagnosis: [appendicitis, no appendicitis], Severity: [complicated, uncomplicated], Management: [conservative, primary surgical, secondary surgical, simultaneous appendectomy]


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Ricards Marcinkevics

Patricia Reis

Ugne Klimiene

Ece Ozkan

Kieran Chin-Cheong

Alyssia Paschke

Julia Zerres

Markus Denzinger

David Niederberger

S. Wellmann

C. Knorr

Julia E.


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