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Apartment for rent classified Data Set
Download: Data Folder, Data Set Description

Abstract: This is a dataset of classified for apartments for rent in USA.

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Associated Tasks:

Classification, Regression, Clustering

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Collected from Internet 2019-12-28 for an Machine learning task and I want to share this dataset with all who is interested to use it.
For any questions about the dataset feel free to contact me on fredrick_nilsson '@' yahoo.comthe names, email addresses, institutions, and other contact information of the donors and creators of the data set.

Data Set Information:

The dataset contains of 10'000 or 100'000 rows and of 22 columns The data has been cleaned in the way that
column price and square_feet never is empty but the dataset is saved as it was created.

Can be used for different machine learning tasks such as clustering, classification and also regression for the squares feet column

Attribute Information:

Provide information
id = unique identifier of apartment
category = category of classified
title = title text of apartment
body = body text of apartment
amenities = like AC, basketball,cable, gym, internet access, pool, refrigerator etc.
bathrooms = number of bathrooms
bedrooms = number of bedrooms
currency = price in current
fee = fee
has_photo = photo of apartment
pets_allowed = what pets are allowed dogs/cats etc.
price = rental price of apartment
price_display = price converted into display for reader
price_type = price in USD
square_feet = size of the apartment
address = where the apartment is located
cityname = where the apartment is located
state = where the apartment is located
latitude = where the apartment is located
longitude = where the apartment is located
source = origin of classified
time = when classified was created
bout each attribute in your data set.

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