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Credit Approval Data Set
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Abstract: This data concerns credit card applications; good mix of attributes

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Attribute Characteristics:

Categorical, Integer, Real

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(confidential source)

Submitted by quinlan '@'

Data Set Information:

This file concerns credit card applications. All attribute names and values have been changed to meaningless symbols to protect confidentiality of the data.

This dataset is interesting because there is a good mix of attributes -- continuous, nominal with small numbers of values, and nominal with larger numbers of values. There are also a few missing values.

Attribute Information:

A1: b, a.
A2: continuous.
A3: continuous.
A4: u, y, l, t.
A5: g, p, gg.
A6: c, d, cc, i, j, k, m, r, q, w, x, e, aa, ff.
A7: v, h, bb, j, n, z, dd, ff, o.
A8: continuous.
A9: t, f.
A10: t, f.
A11: continuous.
A12: t, f.
A13: g, p, s.
A14: continuous.
A15: continuous.
A16: +,- (class attribute)

Relevant Papers:

Quinlan. "Simplifying decision trees", Int J Man-Machine Studies 27, Dec 1987, pp. 221-234.
[Web Link]

Quinlan. "C4.5: Programs for Machine Learning", Morgan Kaufmann, Oct 1992
[Web Link]

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