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EMG dataset in Lower Limb Data Set
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Abstract: 3 different exercises: sitting, standing and walking in the muscles: biceps femoris, vastus medialis, rectus femoris and semitendinosus addition to goniometry in the exercises.

Data Set Characteristics:  

Multivariate, Time-Series

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Samples obtained with the aid of:
Batallón de sanidad (BASAN) Universidad Militar Nueva Granada – Bogotá (samples July 2012).
Carrera 7 No 52-48, Bogotá.
TecnoParque SENA nodo Manizales (samples march - july 2013).
Km 10 route to Magdalena, Manizales.

Ph.D Oscar Fernando Aviles Sanchez oscfer '@'
Universidad MIlitar Nueva Granada

Ph.D Jose Luis Rodriguez Sotelo jdw.siul '@'
Mg. Marcelo Herrera Gonzales marhego '@'
Mg. Gustavo Adolfo Martínez Hernandez gamhet2 '@'
Universidad Autonoma de Manizales

Data Set Information:

2. Information database:

2.1. Protocol:
22 male subjects , 11 with different knee abnormalities previously diagnosed by a professional. They undergo three movements to analyze the behavior associated with the knee muscle , gait , leg extension from a sitting position , and flexion of the leg up. The acquisition process was conducted with 4 electrodes ( Vastus Medialis , semitendinosus , biceps femoris and rectus femoris ) and the goniometer in the knee .
2.2. Instrumentation
Datalog equipment was used MWX8 by Biometrics of 8 digital channels and 4 analog channels , of which 4 for sampling were used SEMG and 1 for goniometry, these data were acquired directly to the computer MWX8 internal storage with microSD card and transmitted in Real-time Datalog software through bluetooth adapter , 14-bit resolution and sampling frequency of 1000Hz .
2.3. Data configuration:
The total number of electrodes is 4, corresponding to the time series one for each channel (1 to 4). Each series contains ~ 5 shares or motion repetitions for each subject.

Attribute Information:

Each data file contains 5 columns, organized as follows.
Segment Lower Limb
Channel Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5
Column 0 1 2 3 4

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