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Metro Interstate Traffic Volume Data Set
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Abstract: Hourly Minneapolis-St Paul, MN traffic volume for westbound I-94. Includes weather and holiday features from 2012-2018.

Data Set Characteristics:  

Multivariate, Sequential, Time-Series

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Attribute Characteristics:

Integer, Real

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John Hogue, john.d.hogue '@', Social Data Science & General Mills

Data Set Information:

Hourly Interstate 94 Westbound traffic volume for MN DoT ATR station 301, roughly midway between Minneapolis and St Paul, MN. Hourly weather features and holidays included for impacts on traffic volume.

Attribute Information:

holiday Categorical US National holidays plus regional holiday, Minnesota State Fair
temp Numeric Average temp in kelvin
rain_1h Numeric Amount in mm of rain that occurred in the hour
snow_1h Numeric Amount in mm of snow that occurred in the hour
clouds_all Numeric Percentage of cloud cover
weather_main Categorical Short textual description of the current weather
weather_description Categorical Longer textual description of the current weather
date_time DateTime Hour of the data collected in local CST time
traffic_volume Numeric Hourly I-94 ATR 301 reported westbound traffic volume

Relevant Papers:

Talk on anomaly detection.
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Traffic data from MN Department of Transportation
Weather data from OpenWeatherMap

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