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Miskolc IIS Hybrid IPS Data Set
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Abstract: The dataset was created for the comparison and evaluation of hybrid indoor positioning methods. The dataset presented contains data from W-LAN and Bluetooth interfaces, and Magnetometer.

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Classification, Clustering, Causal-Discovery

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Zsolt Tóth University of Miskolc <tothzs '@'>
Judit Tamás University of Miskolc <tamas13 '@'>

Data Set Information:

The measurements were created to ease the development, comparison and evaluation of fingerprinting based hybrid indoor positioning methods. The measurements were recorded by the same kind of Android devices in order to reduce the effect of the variety of the hardware. The recording was preformed at weekend to reduce the noise of the environment. The measurements were performed in a three-story building and cover about 50% of it.

Attribute Information:

#Measurement Info
1) Measurement Id - Java UUID
2) Timestamp - YYYY-MM-dd hh:mm:ss

#Position Info
3-5) Coordinates of the absolute position (x,y,z)
6-7) Symbolic position - UUID and name of the position

#Measruement Values
8-10) Magnetometer values x,y,z, real
11-42) WiFi RSSI values, negative integeres [-255,0]
43-65) Bluetooth devices {0,1} - 1 if the given devices was sensed in during the measurement.

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Title = {Miskolc IIS Hybrid IPS: Dataset for Hybrid Indoor Positioning},
Author = {{Zs}olt Tóth, Judit Tamás},
Booktitle = {26st International Conference on Radioelektronika},
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