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Mobile Robots Data Set
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Abstract: Learning concepts from sensor data of a mobile robot; set of data sets

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Attribute Characteristics:

Categorical, Integer, Real

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Volker Klingspor, Katharina J. Morik, Anke D. Rieger
Computer Science Dept. LS VIII
University of Dortmund, Germany

Data Set Information:

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Attribute Information:

Tr (Trace) (integer)
T (Time) (integer)
S (Sensor) (integer 0-23)
Or (Orientation) (real 0-360)
Sa (S-Orientation) (real 0-360)
Gr (Gradient) (real)
Dist (Distance) (real)
(Sensor-coordinates) (real)
Obj (Object) (integer)
E (Edge) (integer)
S_C (Sensorclass) (set of front_side,right_side,back_side,left_side ...)
Mv (Movement) (set of parallel, diagonal)
MD (MoveDirection) (set of forward, backward, right, left)
PD (PerceptionDir.) (set of front, rear, right, left)
Perc (perceptual features)

Relevant Papers:

Volker Klingspor, Katharina Morik, Anke Rieger. Learning Concepts from Sensor Data of a Mobile Robot. Machine Learning Journal, 1995.
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Papers That Cite This Data Set1:

Mohammed Waleed Kadous. Expanding the Scope of Concept Learning Using Metafeatures. School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales. [View Context].

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