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Swarm Behaviour Data Set
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Abstract: This dataset achieved from an online survey, which is run by UNSW, Australia. It contains three data of ' Flocking - Not Flocking', 'Aligned - Not Aligned', and 'Grouped - Not Grouped'.

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Dr Shadi Abpeikar- s.abpeikar '@', University of New South Wales, Australia.
A/Prof Kathryn Kasmarik- kathryn.kasmarik '@', University of New South Wales, Australia.
A/Prof Michael Barlow- m.barlow '@', University of New South Wales, Australia.
Md Mohiuddin Khan- mohiuddin.khan '@', University of New South Wales, Australia.

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To access the survey, please use the following link:
[Web Link]

Attribute Information:

The attributes are xm, ym as the (X,Y) position of each boid, xVeln, yVeln as the velocity vector, xAm, yAm as the alignment vector, xSm, ySm as the separation vector, xCm, yCm as the cohesion vector, nACm as the number of boids in the radius of Alignment/Cohesion, and nSm as the number of boids in the radius of Separation. These attributes are repeated for all m boids, where m=1,...,200. Also, class labels are binary, which 1 refers to flocking, grouped, and aligned, and 0 refers to not flocking, not grouped, and not aligned.

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