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Synthetic Control Chart Time Series Data Set
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Abstract: This data consists of synthetically generated control charts.

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Classification, Clustering

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Dr Robert Alcock
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Data Set Information:

This dataset contains 600 examples of control charts synthetically generated by the process in Alcock and Manolopoulos (1999). There are six different classes of control charts:

1. Normal
2. Cyclic
3. Increasing trend
4. Decreasing trend
5. Upward shift
6. Downward shift

The following image shows ten examples from each class: data.jpeg, where (A) Downward Trend. (B) Cyclic. (C) Normal. (D) Upward Shift. (E) Upward Trend. (F) Downward Shift.

Attribute Information:

The data is stored in an ASCII file, 600 rows, 60 columns, with a single chart per line. The classes are organized as follows:

1-100 Normal
101-200 Cyclic
201-300 Increasing trend
301-400 Decreasing trend
401-500 Upward shift
501-600 Downward shift

Relevant Papers:

Alcock R.J. and Manolopoulos Y. Time-Series Similarity Queries Employing a Feature-Based Approach. 7th Hellenic Conference on Informatics. August 27-29. Ioannina,Greece 1999.
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D.T. Pham and A.B. Chan "Control Chart Pattern Recognition using a New Type of Self Organizing Neural Network" Proc. Instn, Mech, Engrs. Vol 212, No 1, pp 115-127 1998.

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Image courtesy of Eamonn Keogh.

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