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US Census Data (1990) Data Set
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Abstract: The USCensus1990raw data set contains a one percent sample of the Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS) person records drawn from the full 1990 census sample.

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The USCensus1990raw data set was obtained from the (U.S. Department of Commerce) Census Bureau website using the Data Extraction System. This system can be found at


Chris Meek, Microsoft, meek '@'
Bo Thiesson, Microsoft, thiesson '@'
David Heckerman, Microsoft, heckerma '@'

Data Set Information:

The data was collected as part of the 1990 census.

There are 68 categorical attributes. This data set was derived from the USCensus1990raw data set. The attributes are listed in the file USCensus1990.attributes.txt (repeated below) and the coding for the values is described below. Many of the less useful attributes in the original data set have been dropped, the few continuous variables have been discretized and the few discrete variables that have a large number of possible values have been collapsed to have fewer possible values.

More specifically the USCensus1990 data set was obtained from the USCensus1990raw data set by the following sequence of operations;

- Randomization: The order of the cases in the original USCensus1990raw data set were randomly permuted.
- Selection of attributes: The 68 attributes included in the data set are given below. In the USCensus1990 data set we have added a single letter prefix to the original name. We add the letter 'i' to indicate that the original attribute values are used and 'd' to indicate that original attribute values for each case have been mapped to new values (the precise mapping is described below).

Hierarchies of values are provided in the file USCensus1990raw.coding.htm and the mapping functions used to transform the USCensus1990raw to the USCensus1990 data sets are giving in the file USCensus1990.mapping.sql.

The data is contained in a file called The first row contains the list of attributes. The first attribute is a caseid and should be ignored during analysis. The data is comma delimited with one case per row.

Attribute Information:

Old Variable New Variable
Age dAge
Ancstry1 dAncstry1
Ancstry2 dAncstry2
Avail iAvail
Citizen iCitizen
Class iClass
Depart dDepart
Disabl1 iDisabl1
Disabl2 iDisabl2
English iEnglish
Feb55 iFeb55
Fertil iFertil
Hispanic dHispanic
Hour89 dHour89
Hours dHours
Immigr iImmigr
Income1 dIncome1
Income2 dIncome2
Income3 dIncome3
Income4 dIncome4
Income5 dIncome5
Income6 dIncome6
Income7 dIncome7
Income8 dIncome8
Industry dIndustry
Korean iKorean
Lang1 iLang1
Looking iLooking
Marital iMarital
May75880 iMay75880
Means iMeans
Military iMilitary
Mobility iMobility
Mobillim iMobillim
Occup dOccup
Othrserv iOthrserv
Perscare iPerscare
Poverty dPoverty
Pwgt1 dPwgt1
Ragechld iRagechld
Rearning dRearning
Relat1 iRelat1
Relat2 iRelat2
Remplpar iRemplpar
Riders iRiders
Rlabor iRlabor
Rownchld iRownchld
Rpincome dRpincome
Rrelchld iRrelchld
Rspouse iRspouse
Rvetserv iRvetserv
School iSchool
Sept80 iSept80
Sex iSex
Subfam1 iSubfam1
Subfam2 iSubfam2
Tmpabsnt iTmpabsnt
Travtime dTravtime
Vietnam iVietnam
Week89 dWeek89
Work89 iWork89
Worklwk iWorklwk
Yearsch iYearsch
Yearwrk iYearwrk
Yrsserv dYrsserv

Mapping: In this step we map all of the old values for variables with prefix 'd' to new values. The mappings for the variables dAncstry1, dAncstry2, dHispanic, dIndustry, dOccup, dPOB were designed to correspond to a natural coarsening of the original values based on the information in the file coding.htm. The remaining variables are continuous valued variables and the mapping for these variables was chosen to make variables that were fairly uniformly distributed across the states (quantiles). The precise mappings are specified in the file USCensus1990.mapping.sql. This file contains all of T-SQL procedures used to map the variables. These procedures can be used directly in SQLServer to map the original values or translated to some other language.
Variable Procedure
dAge discAge
dAncstry1 discAncstry1
dAncstry2 discAncstry2
dHispanic discHispanic
dHour89 discHour89
dHours discHours
dIncome1 discIncome1
dIncome2 discIncome2to8
dIncome3 discIncome2to8
dIncome4 discIncome2to8
dIncome5 discIncome2to8
dIncome6 discIncome2to8
dIncome7 discIncome2to8
dIncome8 discIncome2to8
dIndustry discIndustry
dOccup discOccup
dPOB discPOB
dPoverty discPoverty
dPwgt1 discPwgt1
dRearning discRearning
dRpincome discRpincome
dTravtime discTravtime
dWeek89 discWeek89
dYrsserv discYrsserv

Relevant Papers:

Meek, Thiesson, and Heckerman (2001), "The Learning Curve Method Applied to Clustering", to appear in The Journal of Machine Learning Research.
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