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User Profiling and Abusive Language Detection Dataset Data Set
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Abstract: The user profiling dataset is a collection of abusive users tweets and also their user following and user follower tweets. The Abusive language detection dataset is a collection of abusive tweets.

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Abubakar Umar, abubakar.pg715673 '@', Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria,

Data Set Information:

The user profiling dataset is divided into two sets: testing and validation. the testing dataset consists of 16,582 tweets collected from 52 users and the validation dataset which consists of 37.532 tweets collected from 18 users. Each sets contains three different files namely user_data, following_data, and follower_data. The tweets contains samples of five different categories of abusive messages. The account names of users have been anonymized so as not to violate the privacy of any user.
the abusive language detection dataset contains 11, 805 instances of five different categories of abusive messages.The dataset has two columns namely labels and tweets. Both datasets are in CSV format.

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the user profiling datasets are in text format and the abusive language detection dataset is in both numerical (labels) and text (tweet).

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